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Playa vistas heladería en Fuengirola

Your ice cream shop on Fuengirola's seafront

We want to be your ice cream shop in Fuengirola so that you can enjoy our artisan ice creams in a relaxed atmosphere by the sea.

We have chosen an exceptional location. On the seafront, next to the marina.

Heladería La Original is located in the center of the social life of Fuengirola, next to the best restaurants and hotels.

Equipo de heladería en Fuengirola La Original

Our team

At La Original we know that only with excellent professionals can you create excellent products.

We are living in a very competitive and demanding world and only with the best we will be able to offer the service that our clients deserve.

At La Original we are committed to talent and our artisan Luis Sempere is proof of this.

heladería en Fuengirola

Experienced Artisan

Visit us

Artisanal ice cream shop
Service Type
Artisanal ice cream shop
Provider Name
Heladería La Original,
Paseo marítimo Rey de España 26,Fuengirola,Málaga-29640,
Telephone No.+34 687 65 35 19
Artisanal ice cram shop in Fuengirola. Daily made with fresh milk and seasonal fruit.
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